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Wire Forms

  • CNC Wire Forming: 0.500" maximum wire diameter,Infinite developed length
  • Fourslides Capacities: 0.03125"-0.500" wire diameters, Up to 36" developed lengths
  • Hydraulic Bending: 1" maximum wire diameter

Wire Forms - CFC Wire Forms


  • Custom battery assemblies
  • Cell types: Primary and secondary Lithium, Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lead Acid
  • Specialized for Industries: Aerospace, Medical, Military
  • Standard batteries for: Automotive, video equipment, banking, cnc/plc, bar code scanners, door locks/security, battery chargers, power tools, toys, radios, surveying equipment, UPS backups and more...


Metal Stamping and Fabrication

  • Electronics Enclosures
  • Battery Backup Enclosures
  • Fan Trays for Server Racks
  • Telecommunication Chassis
  • Laser Cut Metals

Metal Fabrication - Ultra Tech Inc.

Switches and Subassemblies

CNC Machined Parts


Screw Machine Products